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Written by the best European protocol experts

In essence, protocol has always been about optimising relationships. Its structure and systems allows for streamlined logistics, maximising time and ensuring efficiency. Protocol enables personal, and meaningful, meetings and encounters.

We live in a world where face-to-face, personal encounters are becoming increasingly scarce, and technology is facilitating many rules and procedures. Giving someone our personal time is one of the most powerful things we can do; protocol is, therefore, the modern currency of relationships.

Many organisations are transitioning to a more flexible approach to networking, with the aim of improving collaboration – both internally and externally. An engaged network of stakeholders is one of the key prerequisites for (business) success, but the development of professional relationship management a relatively new discipline and can be complex.

Protocol to Manage Relationships Today shows that protocol:

  • Increases the effect of the networking activities of an organisation. Protocol gives a professional structure to relationship management, allowing for organisations to access the ‘right’ networks and build reciprocal relationships with the most valued stakeholders.
  • Deepens relationships. In a world where there is so much focus on pragmatism when building relationships, protocol focuses on the common ground to gain value.
  • Can be used as a valuable tool in our post COVID-19 era, where the need for space and time to build real and authentic relationships is well-understood.

The book describes how proven values fit perfectly into today’s society, in which modern organisations strive to build effective relationships and communities.

‘A must-read for professionals aiming to obtain return on commercial relationships for their business.’

Ana Retallack, Founder and Director of The Standard Companion, Australia, formerly a member of the Royal Household of Queen Elizabeth II

'This book describes the practical rules, and also the value of protocol to build harmonious relationships. It is a must-have for every organisation in need of a strong network.’

François Brunagel, former Head of Protocol of the European Parliament

‘At fashion shows it’s all about who sits in the front row and who gets personal attention from the fashion designer. This book explains how protocol manages this exclusive personal attention. It is essential literature if you want to manage relationships at the highest level.’

Maik de Boer, fashion and lifestyle expert